June 19, 2024

A teaser for the 2014 Skoda Octavia RS

2014 Skoda Octavia RS Teaser

How many of you like the Skoda Octavia? And how many of you wait for the Octavia RS debut at Goodwood?

Well, although you will still have to wait for the Festival of Speed to actually sate your thirst of Skoda knowledge, there are a few bits and pieces over the internet.

2014 Skoda Octavia RS Teaser
2014 Skoda Octavia RS Teaser

One of the latest is a teaser photo released for the 2014 Skoda Octavia RS, and it doesn’t really reveal that much. Until the 11th of July we might get more details, but for now this is all we have: a partial grille with an emblem.

Of course, we can get an idea from the words of the officials. This will be the “fastest road-going” Octavia so far, with the body “longer, wider and lighter than its predecessor.”

As for performance, your guess is as good as mine, with no numbers being released. There is a possibility of it sporting a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine capable of 220hp, but until a later date, we will just have to wait.

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