Alfa MiTo Turismo Sport in the UK

Another reason for joy in the United Kingdom as Alfa Romeo has unveiled the Alfa MiTo Turismo Sport, a special edition which is said to feature a very tempting price tag and sporty looks.

MiTo Turismo Sport

MiTo Turismo Sport

In the engine department, the Alfa MiTo Turismo Sport will be available in a 1.4-litre 95 bhp engine which has a price tag of 12,895GBP (OTR) and in a sporty 1.3-litre 95 bhp second generation turbodiesel engine capable of going from 0 to 62 mph in 11.6 seconds, which costs 14,410GBP, offering both low fuel consumption and emissions. The former can be bought with a 1000GBP deposit and a 199GBP a month and the latter can also be purchased with a 1000GBP deposit and paying a monthly 219GBP, the variants being accessible to the general public.

Customers will be able to choose from three colour variants: the standard Solid Black, the Alfa Metallic Red or the Biancospino White. Both versions of the Alfa MiTo Turismo Sport will have 16-inch wheels, fog lights, air conditioning, a leather steering wheel that also has controls for the phone and audio.