June 15, 2024
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Spider Convertible Concept sketch

Alfa Romeo is planning to do something very interesting namely to launch three concepts each one being a replacement for the Alfa Romeo 159 Sedan. These three concepts should be a hatchback, a spider convertible and a regular four door sedan, each concept being built by different designers.

As you see in the title, this time we have a sketch of the spider convertible which is designed by Pininfarina. We also know the trio of the designers how have the job to build these concepts: Pininfarina, Stile Bertone and Italdesign Giuagiro.

This new spider convertible Alfa Romeo concept is going to be released at the Geneva Auto Show on March 2. As you see from the photo that represents the sketch of the spider convertible Alfa Romeo concept, it looks pretty cool but the details from it can not be seen so good so it looks more like a bullet or a drop of water.

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  • Solyn April 12, 2011

    HHIS I should have thoguth of that!

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