May 25, 2024
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Automotive Smart Key Market Set to Grow

Automotive Smart Key Market Set to Grow BMW Key

Vehicle keys have undergone a significant transformation in the last few decades. The traditional mechanical keys have been replaced by programmable, transponders, proximity FOBs, and Tibbe keys that are not only smart but convenient too. The introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles will also provide a fillip to the smart key segment. The automotive smart key market is set to by 2028 from $8,023.9 million in 2021 at a CAGR of 5.9%. The segment comprises single function keys and multiple function smart keys that can prevent vehicle lockout situations.

While the growth of single-function keys is driven by the growing requirement for enhanced vehicle security, the multi-function keys are convenient and allow the drivers to keep the key fob in the pocket when unlocking or locking, or even starting the vehicle. The use of smart keys also requires the vehicle owners to stay in touch with certified automotive locksmiths who can program a new transponder key or make duplicate keys in case of a lockout. Cerrajero Metro Puerto Rico, a leading provider of , is fully equipped with modern and up-to-date tools required to make duplicate vehicle keys in case your smart key is lost or breaks down or is damaged.

What Makes Smart Keys Attractive?


Leading car makers like BMW are developing new technological solutions to strengthen their position. And in the process, they are integrating advanced technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, and 5G networks to offer smart solutions that not only make driving easy but also safe. Smart keys are a common feature of the latest luxury and electric vehicles, and they enable the automatic unlocking of the doors even without being inserted. And when the driver is leaving the vehicle, it gets locked by either pressing a button on a door handle or by simply closing the door. Some manufacturers even make remote control keys that can be used to open or close the vehicle doors from a distance. Expert San Juan locksmiths can not only help you in reprogramming your remote-controlled keys in case they malfunction, but also make new ones in case of a lockout.

Developments in the Smart Key Segment

The demand for advanced safety and security features in the vehicles has also led the vehicle manufacturers to offer multi-functional smart keys. Some major developments in the area are:

  • Keys that can be integrated with the customer’s phone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Some cars come with band-type wearable smart keys that not only enable the remote opening of the car doors and engine start but also feature real-time fitness trackers.
  • Some multi-function keys also allow drivers to check the tire pressure and fuel levels while others are programmed to restrict the maximum speed of a car.

Some car manufacturers are even tying up with app manufacturers to develop digital car keys that can be used from smartphones and watches. The smart key market is expected to witness the (Ultra-Wide Band) keys by automobile giants like BMW, NIO, Audi, Hyundai, and Ford. The UWB technology will ensure keyless entry, remote parking, autonomous driving, micro-navigation, proximity sensing, vehicle interior detection, and rain-sensing from a single digital key. Get ready to benefit from the union of smart technology with the automotive locksmith industry.

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