April 22, 2024

Behold the Most Powerful Ram 1500 Ever Customized, it Churns-Out Massive 700 Horsepower

We already know the sheer power that the Ram 1500 is coming with, thanks to the gigantic engine under the hood, but what if you decided having it with even more torque?

And since Americans are crazy about powerful muscle cars and lately about monster trucks with enormous power, then why not taking a massive Ram 1500 pickup truck and turn it into something more furious?

Thanks to SRT Life magazine, we now have the first images and performance figures with this monster truck Ram 1500, the giant truck receiving 707 horsepower and whopping 650 lb-ft (880 Nm of torque), all squeezed from a V8 engine.

It`s like owing a mind-blowing Challenger or Charger Hellcat at your door, as the closest truck to ever receive something similar would be the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, if we can call it a truck. However, we are not sure where and how this ute will make use of this sheer power.

Besides the impressive powertrain, this Ram 1500 also comes with some detailing features, like dual-tone alloy wheels or tinted windows, which perfectly complement the car`s exterior red color. If you had such monster truck in your garage, would you tweak it with such an impressive power? Why? Waiting for your opinions in the comment section!

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