February 25, 2024

Bell to build helmets custom tailored for each skull

Bell Helmet

When we talk about custom helmets right now, we usually think of a helmet which has a mawhawk or an interesting paint job.

Now, Bell comes and proposes a new kind of custom helmets: ones that are build to your specs and offer a maximum of protection suited for your particular skull.

Bell Helmet
Bell Helmet

This is done rather simply, as the buyer comes in to order his helmet, puts on a special helmet, allowing for an employee to quickly scan his head. Afterwards, a digital model of his or her skull is sent to the shop and in 4 to 6 weeks, the custom helmet is ready to protect the user in case of an accident.

The tech is still quite new and until Bell manages to break it in a bit, most helmets produced this way will be destined for motorsports, and after a while, every biker will be able to buy one. It might even for for other kinds of headgear as well.

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