June 17, 2024
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Bentley Continental attempts to hit the GT3 racing series

Bentley Continental GT3 racer

Ever since its introduction two things about the Bentley Continental GT have stood out. The first was the luxurious feel and the second was the immense bulk.

Sure, there are ideas of it being fast and it having a turbocharger setup that would break rolling roads but its weight would never be something to get away from.

Bentley Continental GT3 racer
Bentley Continental GT3 racer

Now though, Bentley plan to take it racing, particularly in the GT3 class. It seems incredible that they chose this move and this class.

What Bentley is doing is sending Louie Anderson to compete in a sport where bulimia and very quick reflexes are loved and praised.

They’ve produced a couple of images and a video of what the car looks like and the news are pretty good; the Bentley Continental GT3 racer looks the part.

The car was lowered, stiffened, fitted with a new suspension system and all the racing bits you want have been fitted.

Bentley have even managed to somehow make the car wider too. Their years at Le Mans have not been forgotten, but has it been enough?

Will taking place in a major racing series quite a while back did suit Bentley, we shouldn’t forget the type of car they used there.

Bentley Continental GT3 racer
Bentley Continental GT3 racer

It had pretty much nothing to do with their standard cars which were, at the time, nothing but heavy saloons, regardless of the number of doors.

Unfortunately, we do not get to find out what specs the Bentley Continental GT3 racer is capable of right now.

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