July 23, 2024
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Best Workouts for F1 Drivers

Most of us do not realize that fitness and mental conditioning play an important role in the success of a F1 driver. Drivers like Lewis Hamilton who have 1/12 odds of winning the 2019 Driver’s Championship have extremely high levels of fitness which helps them to win races and be successful. The best workouts for F1 drivers are detailed below:

Goblet Squat

is the preferred exercise for most F1 drivers for building leg and core strength. Leg and core strength are important for drivers as they need to apply great downward force for applying the brakes on their F1 car on sharp turns. You can start this exercise by holding dumbbells in both your hand close to your chest. You should stand a little wider with both your feet spread apart. You can start squatting down slowly in this position. It is necessary to keep your heels on the floor and the weight in the middle of your body while doing the goblet squat. You should lower your body till your thighs are at 90-degrees to the floor and then start pushing upwards. 4 sets of goblet squat with 12 reps are recommended.

Dumbbell Press-Up

Dumbbell Press-Up is a good exercise for improving your core strength and spine. These muscles are important for F1 drivers as it helps them remain stable in the car while racing. You should get yourself in a press-up position with dumbbells in both your hands. While you do so, you should ensure to keep your balance properly. You should then lower your chest towards the floor while keeping your elbows tucked in. Once you reach the floor, you should exert pressure and push yourself back upwards. You should repeat this process for working out the core strength. It is important to squeeze your core each time while pressing up during this workout. You can try 4 sets of the dumbbell press-up with 10 reps.

Renegade Row

The is a great exercise for developing core body strength. It helps the drivers to manage the force experienced while taking corners. It also builds upper back strength which keeps the drivers injury free. To get started, you should get yourself into a press-up position with dumbbells in both your hands. You should keep your elbows still and pull up the dumbbell in the other arm to your chest. It is important to keep your hips and shoulders completely stable. You can then press the dumbbell downwards and repeat the process with the other arm. You should do this exercise for 4 times with 10 reps for each side.

Half-Kneeling Shoulder Press

This exercise helps to develop strong shoulders and upper body strength which is crucial during racing. It helps the drivers to absorb the high G-forces without potential injuries. You can start by kneeling on your left leg and by holding the dumbbell up to shoulder height of your right hand. You should push the dumbbell upwards by taking care not to lean backward or sideways to counter the weight. Lower the dumbbell after reaching the maximum extension of your arms upwards. You should do at least 4 sets of this exercise with 10 reps per side to get the best results.

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