July 14, 2024

BlueTEC diesel for Mercedes GLK confirmed for U.S. at Los Angeles

According to Ernst Lieb, the Head of the U.S. department of Mercedes, the BlueTEC diesel version of the GLK model will be introduced in U.S. starting 2012. We talk about the four-cylinder 2.2-liter propeller which will be found on the C-Classe later in 2013.

2010 Mercedes GLK
2010 Mercedes GLK

It seems that the Germans at Mercedes are considering the benefits of a diesel propeller and thus, Mercedes will introduce the BlueTEC diesel version of GLK in the coming years. The Mercedes GLK BlueTEC will offer better consumption figures and considering the economy problems worldwide this is a good thing.

We can consider this as a confirmation not just as rumors, mainly considering that, as we told below, the statements were made by a German official inside the Mercedes company at a press conference right in the United States, at the Los Angeles. In conclusion, the U.S. market will benefit starting 2012 from the BlueTEC Mercedes GLK and BlueTEC C-Classe in 2013.

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