July 24, 2024
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Booth Babes to Become a Rarity during Car Shows

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Something you most likely encountered when visiting any car expo is the number of young ladies intentionally placed around the shown cars. The booth babes, as they are called, will become a thing of the past, as it was shown that using ladies to promote vehicles could be interpreted as a degrading attitude towards women. Correctly outlining the fact that women can’t be displayed as objects next to vehicles, the new current in the automotive industry seems to sweep across the whole world.

Whether we’re talking about competitions or car shows, it seems that vehicle brands around the world are changing their strategy. The quite famous booth babes will be replaced by specialists that will be capable of offering relevant information for those people that seek it. This move seems like it should have been made decades ago. Scarcely dressed women and cars have nothing in common. In fact, there is no point in trying to attract customers in such a way as this would only damage the reputation of the brand that would be doing this.

As far as car shows go, these will resemble science fairs more. Technical information will be made more visible. Car shows will no longer look like modeling competitions. This should be good news for most, as these car shows were meant to present people with the advancements made in the car industry. While women will still be present, they will no longer be required to pose next to a vehicle. Their duty will be to inform all those interested about the particularities of the vehicle models presented by the brand they represent. This is indeed a huge change.

No matter how you look at the situation the fact is that the changes that take place in society can easily be detected in the automotive industry, as well. With these changes made, the industry will surely reach new level of development and will subsequently attract an ever bigger number of customers. There is no doubt that the automotive industry is heading in the right direction. Few changes count in this industry, but the ones that do, like this one, for example, restructure the whole domain, giving it a new look and a new feel. Heading towards a more specialized view of things, the automotive industry is slowly changing before our eyes. At this point we can only wait and see what new changes will be adopted by it.

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