April 22, 2024
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Brilliance presents their new city car, the CaCa

Brilliance CaCa

Brilliance has seen an increased media attention since it started its collaboration with the Bavarian car maker, BMW.

But even the fame it got from piggy-backing on BMW’s good name can’t save the Chinese manufacturer from downplaying the name of their new city car.

Brilliance CaCa
Brilliance CaCa

With this latest city car, car maker Brilliance went with the name of CaCa, which is rather unfortunate pretty much everywhere outside of Asia. While the Chines car market is now in full bloom, the quality of their products and even the names of their vehicles have a lot of room for improvement. And Brilliance seems keen on proving this.

Brilliance CaCa
Brilliance CaCa

Powered by a 1.3 liter engine, the CaCa will cost some RMB 30.000 or $4.920. While we don’t expect the vehicle to arrive to European or American markets under the same name, if Brilliance won’t mitigate the media damage, the model will forever be known as the CaCa, and thus, will become pretty much undesirable.

Photo credit: auto.sohu.com

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