July 23, 2024

Bugatti revealed the 1200 hp Veyron SS

Veyron SuperSport supercar was recently presented by Bugatti, the fastest series model in the world. The model can develop 1200 horsepower. As the details make the difference, the new exclusive proposal is the most powerful and fastest car of the manufacturer, but also the fastest series model in the world.

Bugatti Veyron SuperSport

As I said above, the Bugatti Veyron SS is powered by a 1.200-horsepower propeller. This engine can develop a maximum torque of 1500 Nm. According to peopla at Bugatti, the supercar can reach a electronically limited top speed of 415 km/h. The top speed was limited in order to protect the tires.

Bugatti Veyron SuperSport

Ehra-Leissen tests track from people at Volkswagen was the place where Bugatii Veyron SS entered the Guinness Book as the fastest series model in the world. Veyron SS managed to reach a speed of 431 km/h. Veyron SuperSport model will enter the production in this autumn, but the model will be presented at Pebble Beach, California, next month.

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