May 21, 2024

Car thieves put a dent in BMWs display at the New York Auto Show

2011 BMW 5 Series

A very rare BMW was stolen by thieves from a processing center at a New Jersey port on March the 13th. The BMW in question was a 550i Sophisto and is very rare and in fact was the only one in the US.

2011 BMW 5 Series
2011 BMW 5 Series

This very rare car isn’t the only one that has been stolen as another five cars from the same manufacturer have gone missing as a result of three heists that took place at the Port Authority-owned lot in Jersey City and at a private facility in Elizabeth.

The Sophisto is worth about $90.000 was supposed to head for the Javits Center in order to appear at the New York Auto Show. Around 2 a.m. is when the heist is assumed to have taken place as three thieves entered the BMW Port Jersey preparation center where they broke into and left with the BMW 550i Sophisto, a 535xi and a 650i.

This didn’t end here as they returned Monday night and helped themselves to a 750lxi and further more on Wednesday the same group got hold of an extra Beemer from a company facility in Elizabeth.

The company and the authorities are cooperating to get the thieves as soon as possible.

2011 BMW 5 Series 2011 BMW 5 Series 2011 BMW 5 Series

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