April 13, 2024

Changchun plant in China produced 1 million Audi vehicles

The German officials from Audi announced that 1 million units were sold on the Chinese market since 1988, when they started the production in China. The Chinese market benefits from few Audi models built together with FAW at the Changchun plant, models such A4L, A6L but also Q5.

Audi plant in China
Audi plant in China

The Audi vehicle with number 1 million was a blue Audi Q5 and also entered in the German manufacturer history as the unit number 1 million sold in China. Back in time, Audi started the production in China with the 100 model but the German manufacturer might celebrate the unit 2 million soon as they managed to sell about 180,000 units from the start of this year.

Today, no less than 300,000 vehicles are produced at the Chinese market in Changchun as the manufacturer just increased the production figures last year. Audi stated that about 7,000 guests were present at the ceremony held in Changchun, where the model in question was built.

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