April 23, 2024
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Fiat prepares Uno Roadster Study for Sao Paulo Auto Show

The Brazilian auto show in Sao Paulo will get the visit of a concept based on the new Fiat Uno. More exactly, the Italians at Fiat revealed few photos and details on the Uno Roadster Study concept, scheduled to be presented to the public at Sao Paulo Auto Show.

Fiat Uno Roadster Study
Fiat Uno Roadster Study

In the front, the concept gets a new front bumper, LED lights and few air intakes. A revised rear bumper is fitted on this Italian concept while on the sides two air intakes are integrated into the doors and the 17-inch wheels end the list of features.

Fiat Uno Roadster Study
Fiat Uno Roadster Study

Fiat Uno Roadster Study concept is using a 1.4-liter turbo engine able to develop 152 horsepower. For now, we got just few renderings for the Uno Roadster Study but the Sao Paulo Auto Show will reveal live the concept in question. With the same occasion we’ll find if this concept foreshadows a series model as the details released are pretty thick.

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