April 24, 2024
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Custom-Built 1984 Jaguar XJ ‘Greatest Hits’ Heads to Nicko McBrain`s Garage

Famous drummer Nicko McBrain from the legendary rock band Iron Maiden is a true Jaguar passionate and connoisseur, owning no less than two special vintage models in his garage.

With Jaguar XJ turning 50 years of existence on the market, the carmaker decided to build just for him, a custom-built model from scratch.

It is in fact a restomod, with more than 4,000 parts to be refinished, rebuilt or replaced. The result is truly magnificent and spectacular.

McBrain wanted to thank Jaguar for the unique creation and paid his regards to the whole team for making it a dream come true:

“This is my ultimate XJ – my third, and lovingly named ‘Johnny 3’. It has been a true labour of love between Jaguar Classic and myself. I`m so excited by its completion and especially to be showing it at Geneva – it really is a Greatest Hits edition and to me it defines what the Jaguar XJ is all about. It`s a credit to the craftsmanship of the Jaguar Classic team. We couldn’t have timed it better, this being the 50th anniversary of XJ.” Such fine words coming from the heart!

The technicians from Jaguar Classic Team needed more than 3.000 hours to complete the difficult tasks of transforming the 1984 Jaguar XJ into a unique piece, which they have called “Greatest Hits.”

There are plenty of highlights that make it unique and absolutely magnificent. The technicians have worked their magic on the front and rear bumpers, adding as well flared wheel arches to fit the massive 18-inch alloy wheels. Other characteristics also refer to 235/45 R18 Pirelli PZero tires, LED headlights, new seals which reduce wind noise, as well as upgraded front and rear suspension system with adjustable rear bumpers. The new styling bits and the wheels are perfectly complemented by the exquisite Mauve exterior paintjob.

The interior hasn’t been left out and it received new trims, rear-view camera, touch-screen satellite navigation, phone and high-performance audio system.

The engine also feels more powerful with the technicians from Jaguar Classic Team adding some improvements as well. The 2.4-liter inline six-cylinder pot screams louder with the three 2-inch carburetors borrowed from the E-Type, along with quad-exhaust tailpipes.

The rare 1984 Jaguar XJ Greatest Hits can be admired in the media gallery below. Nicko McBrain, you lucky devil!

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