May 25, 2024
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Dacia Logan MCV Limousine Concept photos

I wanted to post this article because this auto maker is original from my country but also because it made me to be very interested either I have just few photos, a title and no details but a picture can take out of me many words so I will say what I think about it.

This is the Dacia Logan MCV Limousine concept which looks pretty serious because it is designed by a man who makes his MA at Dacia. Anyway, as you see, it looks exactly like a Dacia Logan from the front side and from the sides, it looks just like a bit longer Dacia Loan.

It is clear that the other photos are made on the computer but they show us how would look this Dacia Logan MCV Limousine if it would exist for real. We should also expect from Dacia to come in 2011 with 2 other concepts.

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