April 21, 2024
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Electroluminescent paint presented on a Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S with LumiLor paint

New technologies for the automotive industry are researched everyday and recently I just learned about what LumiLor calls electroluminescent paint.

After seeing what it can do, I can already imagine the endless possibilities it opens in the aftermarket sector, even if it will likely be outlawed for use on public roads.

Tesla Model S with LumiLor paint
Tesla Model S with LumiLor paint

Basically, this paint reacts to electricity by giving off light, and if you couple this with certain patterns, amazing results can be achieved. LumiLor already prepped a Tesla Model S with their paint and presented a very nice video. After seeing it, I am sure you will agree you want this in your life.

Tesla Model S with LumiLor paint
Tesla Model S with LumiLor paint

Right now, we don’t know exactly how much it would even cost to have your car painted with LumiLor’s product, but considering it will also need to have its own electrical circuit, I’d bet the price will vary depending on the model. For now, just enjoy the video linked below.

LumiLor Lit Car from Darkside Scientific on Vimeo.

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