April 22, 2024

Ford Fiesta ST- Sport Version

To not remain behind after Ford Focus had their RS version, Ford decided that is time to make the plans for the next model, I’m talking about the Ford Fiesta ST which will come well equipped if we take for granted the words of those from AutoExpress.

This new Ford Fiesta ST will have the world premiere most probably at Geneva Auto Show 2011 and they say that will be a true rival for Volkswagen Polo GTI, Renault Clio Sport and of course the Focus RS from Ford. Being a sport version we expect the engine to be powerful, and according to AutoExpress the new Ford Fiesta ST will have more than 180 horsepower.

Also they say that the engine will be turbo at 1.6 liter capacity with direct injection from the new family EcoBoost. This engine was recently released on the compact C-Max. For this new Ford Fiesta ST will be available optionally a sequential six-speed gearbox Powershift equipped with double-clutch. It is expected that the car to go from 0 to 100 km/h in under 7 seconds and the top speed to be over 225 km/h

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