April 24, 2024
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Ford introduces all-new MyFord Mobile app

If you already watched the official video recently revealed for the new Ford Focus EV you noticed the phone app which helps the driver to get all the information about his car very fast and easy. We talk about MyFord Mobile, an application revealed in the same time with the new Ford Focus EV at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.

New MyFord Mobile app
New MyFord Mobile app

Why MyFord Mobile app? Well, you can get all the info on your phone if you choose to buy the new Focus EV which will go on sale later this year. More exactly you can see your car’s state of charge, the charge points near you and estimated driving range. Thanks to the new app developed by Ford, you can remotely lock and unlock the doors, receive alers and schedule a charging.

New MyFord Mobile app
New MyFord Mobile app

Ford hopes to persuade the customers to buy the new zero-emission vehicle which brings a good amount of horsepower together with a respectable driving range of 160 kilometers. Here is the video presentation of the new MyFord Mobile app:

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