June 14, 2024

Ford launches first seat belt with airbag

Airbags appear in various places in the car interior. When Toyota opened the driver’s knee air bag, here that Ford comes with integrated air bag belt safety for passengers in the back seat. The first car that will benefit the new integrated seat belt airbag will be Ford Explorer since 2010, after, the safety system will be find on all Ford models.

Mainly, if a front or side impact, integrated belt bag is opened in 40 milliseconds, retaining the passenger in a much more secure position in the seat, thus reducing the risk of injury. Is practically the best solution yet for the increased protection of rear passengers.

The belts have a cylindrical air bag that stretches from the buckle to the shoulder and fits inside a pocket sewn into the belt. The car sends a signal that releases the bag, which inflates more gently than a front air bag, so it’s safer for children.



  • narges August 21, 2011

    I should have a search about seat belt with airbag.
    Please help me and send me a file.

  • Katie January 20, 2015

    I work as a child seat expert for a large company and your new seatbelt airbags recently came to my attention when having a discussion with a collegue, i was wonder how this would work with a seat belt fitted child seat? do you have to rule out belted seats all together and only use isofix? it would be really great to get some feedback on this

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