May 18, 2024

Ford teases the future electric Focus

An electric version of the American model is expected to debut somewhere next year and here is the first teaser in this regard. The Americans from Ford decided to reveal a first teaser for the future Ford Focus EV. We’ve got also the first specs of the electric model, the American model following to get a new innovative technology through which the batteries are cooled a system which uses liquid.

2012 Ford Focus EV
2012 Ford Focus EV

The Ford Focus EV will feature a 23 kWh lithium-ion battery that needs about 8 hours to completely charge. The same lithium-ion battery stores enough energy for a driving range of  about 160 kilometers.

The electric engine that fits the new Ford Focus EV is able to develop 136 horsepower and as we told below, the 23 kWh lithium-ion battery offers maximum performance thanks to the way the innovative cooling system is used to keep the battery at the best temperature. The new Ford Focus EV is expected to debut somewhere next year and we can expect more teasers soon.

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