June 16, 2024

Germany: Smart EV Range Available with Prices and Details

Smart has officially released the full prices with its electric range in Germany, the cheapest one being set at 17,558 euros and coming with interesting features.

We are looking here at three electric vehicles – the ForTwo Coupe, ForFour Electric Drive as well as the ForTwo Cabrio, the latter joining the range in May.

The Smart ForTwo Coupe comes with a starting price of 17,558 euros or 21,940 euros with the green bonus, while the ForFour is priced from 22,600 euros. But with the incentive, you can have it at a decrease price of 18,220 euros. Finally, the ForTwo Cabrio Drive is available at 25,200 euros or 21,000 euros with the eco bonus.

The big surprise is that Smart is also offering a fourth model in the shape of the ForTwo Electric Drive Greenflash, now available in Germany for a much higher 27,839 euros, which can be dropped down to 23,459 euros. For that money, you get plenty of cool features at the exterior as well as inside the cabin.

As for the drivetrain under the hood, all electric vehicles are coming with an electric motor with 81 horsepower and 160 Nm of torque, with the electronic top speed stopping at 130 km/h. There is also the new lithium ion-battery pack which provides a range of 160 km/h, which is not bad at all.

More than that, the carmaker is also offering the optional 22-kw fast charger, available for 840 euros, which fully-chargers the car`s battery in less than 45 minutes. Also, there is another optional available – the “acoustic presence indicator” – priced at 120 euros, and which “generates a speed-sensitive, Daimler-specific sound for the protection of other road users”, as Smart mentions.

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