April 24, 2024
Kia Tuning

Get Some Gull-Wing Doors for your Procee’d from LSD

Kia Procee'd LSD Lambo Doors

If one would want to make his or her KIA Procee’d to stand out more then tuning the car is the best option. And of the many tuning options available, the gull-wing doors set by Lamborghini will definitely make a bold statement, as not many cars have these (or at least, not many from KIA). LSD now offers such doors for the model.

Kia Procee'd LSD Lambo Doors
Kia Procee'd LSD Lambo Doors

Featuring the Guided Roller System (GRS), the door plates can be adjusted thanks to the integration of the roller bearings’ roller guidance in the hinges, providing a safer and precise door operation.

You can order the 2-door set for 1,599 euros (VAT included) or if you are on a tight budget, only one door for the driver’s side for 699 euros. Being made in Germany, the door plates are certified by the Technical Control Board from Germany and are said to provide the same level of crash protection as a normal door, a very good thing to know.

Easy to assemble, as no welding or painting is needed because of their fit on the original door’s place, the LSD gull-wing doors for the KIA Procee’d are also easy to open and close, the operation being possible with only one hand.

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