May 18, 2024
General Motors

GM plans to use only 4 platform by 2025


While this comes a little late, GM has finally stated they plan to reduce the number of platforms for their cars.

If everything goes as they have planned, by the year 2025, all brands under the GM umbrella will only be using 4 platforms.


Like many European car makers have done for a few years now, GM plans to switch to using modular platforms to underpin a wide range of vehicles, thus cutting down a lot in production and research and development costs. The only models to be exempt from this move will be the Corvettes and the Chevrolet/GMC pickup trucks.

In the past decade, a lot of of car makers couldn’t keep up with costs, and have either closed their gates or, if they were lucky, have been bought off by a bigger company. And while GM is not struggling to keep afloat, saving some money is always a good idea.

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