June 22, 2024
General Motors

GM pulls the strings planning to go greener by 2017

Going green is one of the newest, hottest and also most expensive trend in the auto history. Some car makers are just looking to go ahead of competition while others implement some measures forced by laws.

If we were to take the controversial CAFÉ regulations as an example, we would see that US auto makers are forced to keep their units on a particular efficiency rating, around 54.5 MP – achievable by 2015. GM is not only obeying to these rules, but also making one more step forward.

General Motors
General Motors

GM officials have announced that they are planning to build units of 40+ MPG on highway and double the number of these by 2017. That is what we call a bold plan!

But GM does not just stop here, as they have set even one more desiderate: to reduce the emissions of their cars with up to 15%, all these even sooner than the GPM standards – by 2016!

If you are familiarized with GM’s implementation of solar panels, you know that they are used to spend loads of money on eco friendly technologies and working processes.

Chevrolet Volt
Chevrolet Volt

Even so, their plans are skeptically seen by many connoisseurs, so it will be interesting to see how much can GM achieve and, also important, with what costs!

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