April 25, 2024
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GMC Showroom Mobile App enhances shopping via mobile

GMC Showroom Mobile App

General Motors announced the introduction of a new application able to help all the customers shop, research and configure a GMC vehicle directly from their smartphones. According to the American company, one of two smartphone owners are using the device for shopping, therefore, creating a dedicated application represents nothing but a good opportunity to increase the sales and provide a better manufacturer-customer connection.

GMC Showroom Mobile App
GMC Showroom Mobile App

Moreover, in the first quarter of 2011 more than 100 million smartphones were sold globally, which according to the statement above, 50% of the owners use it as a shopping tool. Comparing to the previous year, there’s an 85% increase in the industry of smartphones and there is no sign of a potential decrease.

The GMC Showroom Mobile App is currently offered for free in the Apple App Store and provides complete access to the GMC models. The American company announced that the version compatible with the Android OS is expected to be launched by the end of July.

“The free app allows shoppers to perform research activities such as exploring vehicle photos or videos, configuring a GMC vehicle to their specifications or reviewing competitive comparisons. Popular shopping tools like a locating a vehicle within local dealer inventories, requesting a quote, scheduling a dealer test drive or viewing current offers are also available,” claims GM.

2011 GMC Terrain
2011 GMC Terrain

Asking me, this is a good initiative considering the significant increase of the smartphones industry over the last few years. The new free app is compatible with the iPhone OS 3.1 or better and Android OS 1.6 or better (excluding Honeycomb). However, if you want get full details about compatibility, download and installing instructions you can check the user’s guide which has all the answers. In conclusion, if you are using the smartphone for shopping, check GMC’s new Showroom App as there’s nothing to lose.

“We recognize that smart phones play an important role in our customers’ lives, including purchase decisions,” said John Schwegman, U.S. vice president of GMC marketing. “The new GMC Showroom App provides our customers with the advanced technology they have come to expect of the GMC brand and the convenience to easily engage with their GMC dealer.”

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