Honda Accord

Ah, the Honda Accord, something almost nobody recalls as being anything other than a “very average car” actually has more of a story to tell than that.

Since the early versions, even the Japanese realized that the Honda Civic was a tad on the small side and that there was a need for a slightly larger car. That’s how the Honda Accord came to life, as a compact car in the middle of the seventies.

Honda Accord

During the nineties the Honda Accord stopped being a big Civic and took its own way by attacking the mid-sized segment and, more recently, in 2008 the sights were also set on the full-sized sedan car market.
Certainly the greatest amount of sales success Honda had with the Accord is the simple presentation. No version or aspect of the sedan ever came out as brash, in your face. It was always a “nice”, reliable, front wheel drive sedan that covered all of the needed basis be it fuel economy, safety or whatever aspect of practicality buyers may want.

Honda Accord

Not uncommon for most of the automotive market, the Honda Accord is available as a different car in North America from what it’s like in the home market of Japan or even Europe and China. It’s courtesy of different rating methods that the U.S. market one was called a full sized sedan despite it not being very different to its counterparts.

Honda Accord Interior