April 15, 2024

Honda discontinues Insight and Fit EVs

Honda Fit EV

In a recent press release, Honda official stated they will be dropping two models from their lineup.

This wouldn’t be that big a deal if we weren’t talking about two electric vehicles, namely the Insight and Fit.

Honda Fit EV
Honda Fit EV

With all the current craze about ecological cars and alternative drive systems, the public’s reaction to this news was exactly what you might have expected. Of course, Honda was aware of this, so the report also contained some bits of information meant to mitigate the fall in image.

While the Honda Insight and Fit will be discontinued, Honda promises that this move is simply in order to make room for advanced electromotive technologies. Even their plan to bring a fuel cell car on the market was mentioned. While I do not care that much about about the Insight or the Fit, I am a bit curious what these new techs will bring to the table.

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