April 25, 2024
Honda Videos

Honda teases their 2015 Civic Type R


Whenever a new model is close to launch, the builder usually promotes it via a series of teaser photos or videos.

The purpose of these tidbits are to catch the attention without really revealing too much about the new model.


But while some manufacturers provide at least a silhouette or a close-up of the respective product, some are more cryptic. Honda seems to be latter when it comes to their 2015 Civic Type R. The 42 seconds video manages to peak the interest in the model without it even getting screen time.

Those that have been following this car closely might know about Honda ambition of making this the fastest FWD vehicle around the Nurburgring. Armed with this information, you will be able to understand Honda’s take on this teaser video, and appreciate their purpose.

More details on the 2015 Honda Civic Type R will eventually reach the internet, but until then, enjoy the video below.

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