June 25, 2024
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How Long Does it Take to Install a Performance Chip?

How Long Does it Take to Install a Car Performance Chip

Modifications on one’s car help with improvements to the car’s system. The effect is a ride with better handling due to the additives. One such additive that offers drivers more control is the performance chip. The performance chip as an aftermarket modification is best installed at the best Chevy dealership. It works as a mediator between the engine and its control unit (ECU).

Wondering how long it takes to install a performance chip? It depends on one’s expertise and tools, but the whole process usually takes under half an hour.

Benefits Of Performance Chips

Benefits Of Performance Chips

Performance chips, although tiny devices, are high-powered. It implies that they have a grand effect on the vehicle, since they pack a powerful punch. Below are some benefits of performance chips.

Improve the Fuel Economy

Improve the Car Fuel Economy

The fuel economy on race cars is often low since the engine overworks to generate the necessary amount of power. It means that one has to spend more at the pumps, which can sometimes mess with their finances.

The solution to poor fuel economy in one’s car is to install performance chips. They offer the engine a boost, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency. It means that the driver can save a bit on the gas bill while retaining quality performance.

Note: The amount of money one saves on gas after performance chip installation depends on the car model and year. Performance chips might not improve the fuel economy of older cars, like in newer models.

Better Horsepower

Better Car Horsepower

Most manufacturers down-tune the vehicles to meet the stringent on new cars. It leaves space for enthusiasts to harness all of the power from their engines through modifications. Most people prefer to boost horsepower by installing a performance chip.

Performance chips alter several parameters on the engine control unit, including:

  • Injection timing
  • Air to fuel ratio
  • Turbo boost

All of these alterations combine to offer the engine some top-of-the-line horsepower gains. The engine can unlock the stowed away power and bring it to the core for better drivability.

Performance chips help improve the horsepower on smaller engines where turbos can’t fit. They are also perfect for larger turbocharged engines and improve them without spending more on a bigger charger.

Easy To Install

Easy To Install

Most automotive upgrades require many hours of work to get right. Also, one requires technical knowledge about what each upgrade does to determine the best effect for their cars. Performance chips are easier to install, meaning no lengthy stays at the auto shop or expensive mechanic fees.

Depending on the performance module type one is about to install, the process can be hassle-free. All one needs is some basic knowledge and tools to hack the installation.

There are also upgrades to the recent performance computer chips, boosting the chip’s speed in use. One does not have to reset the ECU for the chip to work, saving significant time.

Offer Value for Money

Offer Value for Money Car Sale

Installing auto parts – whether new or aftermarket – can be expensive, running up to thousands of dollars. Most of the modification parts serve a single purpose, which can be very ineffective. Performance chips are the perfect modification addition to boost drivability.

The performance chip is the ideal all-around addition to one’s car. It improves the ECU’s parameters to suit one’s needs without spending too much. As a result, one enjoys value for their money by installing the performance chips.

Head Into the Best Chevy Dealership

Head Into the Best Chevy Dealership

Handling modifications by oneself can prove challenging; so many aspects come together to improve a car’s functionality. Installing performance chips can be pretty easy for any car owner, but one should let the experts handle it. One should try the best in their area for proper performance chips installation.

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