July 14, 2024
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How Vehicle Tracking Improves Vehicle and Driver Safety

Although road safety is a shared responsibility, most of the burden falls on us as drivers. When we get behind the wheel, we need to be alert and ready to take action to avoid dangerous situations. We all make mistakes sometimes, especially when tired or stressed. However, driving is inherently more dangerous than most everyday activities. Millions of people die or are seriously injured every year in vehicle accidents, and they are among 15- to 29-year-olds worldwide. The statistics are really worrying, causing this issue to be gradually recognised as a major health concern by organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Vehicle tracking devices are a revolutionary innovation with regard to driver safety. Not only can they reduce liability after an accident by providing important evidence, but they can actually reduce the number of accidents and improve the overall safety of drivers. These sophisticated small gadgets are equipped with powerful tools that can be used to monitor driver behaviour and notify drivers about risky driving habits. Vehicle GPS trackers gather a huge amount of information and provide ample warnings designed to improve the safety of drivers and vehicles on the roads.

One of the most important aspects of vehicle tracking systems is the telematics and GPS data they collect. The information is kept on a secure cloud-based server and can be accessed on-demand from anywhere in the world. Both fleet managers and individuals can use this data to analyse how their vehicles are being driven, so that they can correct any bad driving habits that put the drivers and vehicles at risk. Vehicle tracking solutions offer a myriad of powerful features that can be used to protect our beloved cars such as event alerts, real-time tracking, geofence zones, driver performance reports and sensors.


Vehicle tracking devices do a lot more than just monitor location. The tracking software can be configured to send alerts about certain events via SMS, email or smartphone notification. GPS trackers with in-built accelerometers can detect the speed of a vehicle as well as if it’s involved in a collision, and the location data can be used to identify if a vehicle enters or leaves a particular location without authorisation. In emergency situations, an instant push notification will be sent to designated people so that help can be sent promptly. Fleet managers can be alerted to speeding drivers and warn them with real-time feedback.

Geofence Zones

Geofence zones are an incredibly useful tool to protect drivers and vehicles. By setting a geofence zone around a specific location, a virtual fence is established that will trigger an alert whenever the tracker enters or leaves it. There are more important things to do in the day than constantly check where your family members or vehicles are, but with active geofence zones, you can keep an eye on your loved ones and be alerted if someone moves your vehicle without your knowledge. In the event of theft, the geofence breach alert will notify the responsible parties immediately, giving car owners and fleet managers a chance to alert the police within minutes and greatly increasing the chances of a quick recovery.

Real-time Tracking

Once your vehicle tracker is installed, you can immediately start tracking your car in real-time. Real-time tracking is extremely useful from a safety perspective as it allows you to locate your vehicle at any given time. This is indispensable if your vehicle is stolen; a well-hidden GPS tracking device will allow you to trace your car and recover it in a matter of hours with the help of the police. No other security system on the market can give you the peace of mind devices offer. Real-time tracking significantly improves driver safety too. Fleet managers and concerned parents can locate an employee, teenage driver or elderly relative without delay to check if they are at their intended location. Combined with additional features like crash detection and speeding notifications, real-time tracking can be a life saver in emergency situations.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Over 50% of traffic fatalities involve aggressive driving. Inexperienced drivers and those on a tight schedule tend to make more mistakes. Young drivers can be hotheads who can’t be bothered to follow traffic rules, but commercial vehicle drivers can be even more dangerous trying to meet a deadline. Regardless of their driving experience and the circumstances, drivers should always exercise maximum caution when they are behind the wheel. The good news is that you can enforce certain rules on unruly family members or reckless employees with the help of a vehicle tracking device. These nifty gadgets can detect and report unwanted driving habits with instant notifications, which gives you the unique ability to warn the driver and ensure they practise safer driving techniques.

Put your family members, vehicles and drivers in safe hands with vehicle tracking systems. Drivers and vehicles are at constant risk every time they leave for a trip; with a tracking device in place, you can view the location and monitor the movements of a vehicle in real-time. If it’s stolen or involved in an accident, people with access to the vehicle tracker will be alerted to the situation immediately. Protect your beloved family members and employees during their travels, facilitate the safe recovery of an expensive vehicle, and reduce the risk of life-altering injuries to your workforce all with a simple vehicle tracking device.

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