April 25, 2024

Hyundai Elantra Teaser Image Shows the Interior

We all know that every time a carmaker is preparing to launch a new model that might seem to be an exclusive one on the market, it makes use of some marketing tools that would effectively make us, human beings, think of a genuine and exclusive model. It is also the case of Hyundai carmaker, which is thoroughly preparing the arrival of the new Elantra, by releasing a teaser image with the car`s interior.

At a first glimpse, I myself was kinda attracted to the idea that the new Elantra would be outstanding, and judging by the teaser image, the cabin would also bring a fresh feel, even if the dashboard is revealing just a general picture.

This strategy wants to make us look back at the current model, whose interior is boasting with all kinds of buttons, functions and other interesting gadgets. And this new interior is expected not to disappoint, with the infotainment system and other goodies to fully satisfy the European clientele.

Amongst the goodies reportedly to equip the Elantra`s interior, we should find two USB ports, a state of the art and high-tech audio system, updated infotainment system with Apple`s CarPlay or Google`s Android Auto smartphone connectivity, along with a wide array of safety system, like the automatic braking emergency braking, rear cross traffic detection or blind spot alert. But we should be able to find out more in the following period, when Hyundai is also expected to reveal the full details with the car`s interior.

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