May 22, 2024

Hyundai i20 WRC Racer Shown in First Official Image

Hyundai i20 WRC

The Hyundai South Korean based automaker has recently released the i20 WRC racer in the first image, showcasing the model with a completely different body than the present one.

The Hyundai i20 WRC racer is ready to hit the show soon enough, coming with a different platform, longer wheelbase, with the engine, transmission and other performance parts to be also changed.

Hyundai i20 WRC
Hyundai i20 WRC

According to chiefs at Hyundai, the i20 WRC racing car will be introduced when it will be completely ready to replace the present i20 WRC, even if this would mean endless testing.

The upcoming Hyundai i20 WRC will face some endurance tests, followed by a thorough checking of all systems and components.

The testing is carried out by the rally driver Bryan Bouffier, which will closely work with the carmaker`s engineers and developers.

This is also a clear indication that when it will hit the market, the new Hyundai i29 WRC will be tweaked with high-performance engine under the hood and a lot of technology.

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