May 22, 2024

Hyundai releases teaser for Genesis Hurricane SC

Hyundai Genesis Hurricane SC Coupe

Hyundai Genesis Hurricane SC Coupe is scheduled to be revealed at the upcoming SEMA Motor Show, the Koreans from Hyundai releasing a teaser for the model in question. We already know that the high-performance model is developed together with Rhys Millen Racing which is undoubtedly good news.

Hyundai Genesis Hurricane SC Coupe
Hyundai Genesis Hurricane SC Coupe

Talking about performance, the new Genesis Hurricane SC is powered by a 3.8-liter supercharged V6 unit capable to deliver more than 450 horsepower. All this power requires an improved braking system, this is why the Koreans fitted high-performance Brembo brakes along with a new adjustable suspension and the IsoTorque rear differential.

On the other hand, the unique Korean model benefits from a futuristic appearance with LED headlamps, new 19-inch alloy wheels fitted with Hankook tires, a new front bumper and rear diffuser but also revised bonnet and grille.

“To showcase the extreme power of Hyundai’s most popular performance car, Hyundai America Technical Center Inc. teamed up with Magnuson Products, Rhys Millen Racing, Harman International and Torvec Inc. to develop and build a special edition prototype Genesis Coupe,” concludes Hyundai.

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