April 12, 2024

India-built Harley Davidson Street 500 and 750

Harley Davidson Street 500

Whenever a big manufacturer branches out and expands on more than one continent, the need for local plants arises.

The problem is that some might think products made in other than the original factories might be sub-standard, and with a factory in India, Harley Davidson suffers from the same stigmata.

Harley Davidson Street 500
Harley Davidson Street 500

While the Harley Street 500 and 750 models sold in America are built in the US, the European and Indian markets will get the machines from the MoCo plant in Bawal, India. But rest assured that these bikes will use the same parts as any other plant, making for true Harley Davidson motorcycles to emerge from every assembly line.

Still, the Street 500 and the 750 models destined for the Indian market do have a special feature, and it’s more on the funny side. As you might know, Indian urban areas are quite congested, and bikes are the vehicle of choice. With such a widespread use, some issues are bound to appear.

One such issue is the women’s saree, which would sometimes get caught in the rear wheel, making for a very dangerous situation. But the Harley Davidson machine offer a solution in the form of a saree guard. They seems to know their client.

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