June 15, 2024

Italy: Toyota Aygo X-Cite Is a Good Looking Yellow City Car

The Japanese based Toyota carmaker is building exceptional cars not for the big leagues, its small cars lineup also being a real success in the world`s most crowded cities.

On that matter, the company decided to complete the Aygo`s small city car lineup in Italy with another exceptional model which is no other than the Aygo X-Cite Yellow.

The Toyota Aygo X-Cite will be thus joining the already present X-Play, X-Wage and X-Pure special editions on the Italian market, the gorgeous city car already being available for sale for 12,150 euros, which is a 1,850 euro discount in the Peninsula, as opposed to the set price of 14,000 euros.

As we can depict from the photos, the model is standing out from the crowd with the hot yellow colour exterior complemented with the standout styling bits, such as custom roof and pillars, front and rear bumper inserts, all finished in black.

The model also looks exquisite and eye-catching with the new 15-inch alloy wheels finished in the same black theme with yellow hubs.

Inside, the cabin welcomes you with a black theme, also packing the Toyota Safety Sense package, while under the hood, the small city car features a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, with 69 horsepower, hooked to a manual or an automatic transmission.

For those willing to buy a city car and can`t decide between the plethora of offerings from different carmakers, please take a look at the media gallery with the nice Toyota Aygo X-Cite Yellow below and try to figure out if that`s the best choice for your daily needs.

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