June 15, 2024
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Lamborghini Minotauro Concept By Andrei Avarvarii

The name Andrei Avarvarii started to become more and more recognized, the concept that you see here was made from zero by him. He didn’t do that only from passion, he was coordinated by the head of design of the Italian brand. As I said, this Lamborghini Minotauro wasn’t made from ambition, it was the final project from MA in Scuola Politehnica di Design from Milano.

This project took place under the supervision of Filippo Perini, the head of design from Lamborghini and it represents a possible future electric vehicle. From the motorization point of view this Minotauro drops the huge V12 and in its place it has four electric engines, two on the front size developing 75 horsepower and other two in the back side developing 175 horsepower.

Those two front engines provide 30% power to the front wheels. The total amount of power is 507 horsepower, which is pretty decent for a future supercar. About the exterior what can I say, the characteristic word is “future” and I appreciate the fact that they kept the Lamborghini character, if you look from the front side you will see what I mean.

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