May 26, 2024

Lancia Delta Special Edition going on sale in Europe

Lancia Delta Hard Black

Lancia is a brand of great tradition that is slowly dying on a small shelve in the back of the great big Fiat cupboard.

Lancia Delta Hard Black
Lancia Delta Hard Black

In order to prevent this slow elimination the father company keeps releasing new versions of these cars to remind us it there is still some life in it. The new version of the Lancia Delta is called the Hard Black special edition and is the one that was previewed at the Geneva Motor Show back in March.

The Lancia Delta Hard Black is going to bring you some very interesting accessories such as chrome mirror caps, chrome tail pipes and a unique design 18-inch alloy wheels available in a silver or matte black finish and all of these are destined to create a very pleasant contrast with the matt black color of the body (that actually is named “Hard Black”) and the roof.

With this roof you keep the tradition of the different color of the roof that the Lancia Delta gets you used to. The difference in color isn’t as bad as possible as it is still black but it’s really shiny, however, should you want more black there’s always the inside. Covered in Alcantara though, nice touch that.

Quite tempting, and the engine choices won’t change your mind as you can have a 1.8-liter T-Jet engine to give you 200 horsepower or a 1.9 Multijet engine to give you 190 horsepower, with that in mind, if you’re from Europe you’ve got quite a decision to make.

Lancia Delta Hard Black Lancia Delta Hard Black Lancia Delta Hard Black

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