April 13, 2024
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Lexus LF-Ch Concept

Lexus LF-Ch Concept

This is one of the greatest news of the year. Another concept has a scheduled launch. It is going to enter the production in 2012 and even if it’s kind of a big time until then, it is still a good news because now we know how are going to look almost all of the cars from the future.

The main competitors of Lexus LF-Ch Concept are Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series but there are also more competitors because in the past time a lot of hatchback concepts appeared so there are many more cars looking like this one that are going to be released in the future.

Anyway, the 2012 release date is not well set and there are hopes and also chances for this Lexus LF-Ch Concept to be released before 2012. This new Lexus LF-Ch Concept will be released at the Los Angeles and also Detroit Auto Show.

Lexus LF-Ch ConceptLexus LF-Ch ConceptLexus LF-Ch Concept

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