July 17, 2024

Lexus reveals “The Hard Way” – weaving a chassis

Lexus tries to impress the audience with a series of episodes called “The hard way”, showing us their efforts to create new lightweight technologies able to improve their models and to create the base for the future models. In this purpose, the luxury division of the Japanese manufacturer Toyota decided to create the loom, a unique machine able to weave the carbon fiber into certain components.

Lexus "The Hard Way"
Lexus "The Hard Way"

More exactly, this great machine is able to build very fast the required components, just few minor touches being needed in order to have the finish product.

Even we talk about the steering wheel or the door panels, this machine can handle the job and even more, the Japanese manufacturer is looking forward to build the chassis using the same carbon fiber reinforced plastic and the same unique machine, the loom. According to the Lexus team, this is the only way to reach the pursuit of perfection, the hard way.

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