June 14, 2024

Lexus, the US leader in the premium segment for 11 years

Lexus, the premium division of the Japanese people from Toyota managed to become for the eleventh year the best selling premium brand in the US. Last year, Lexus saw an increase of 6,5% comparing to 2009, managing to sell about 230,000 vehicles in the US.


In the second place has been ranked BMW with a difference of just 9,216 units while the third place was taken by Mercedes. Volkswagen also set a record last year, the Germans managing to sell more than 100,000 vehicles stateside.

Even in the last month of 2010, Lexus saw a decrease in sales by 3,5%, the overall increase is still considerable, the Japanese premium brand managing to be the best selling premium brand in US for the eleventh consecutive year. This way, Toyota Motor Corporation succeeded to balance the sales figures as the big recall session which involved million of vehicles in 2010 seriously shook the sales but also the trust of the US customers.

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