June 19, 2024

Jaguar reveals the new year’s modifications in range

There are few modifications taken by the British people from Jaguar meant to be mentioned. Firstly, Jaguar decided to use a new V8 5.0-liter instead of the V6s 3.0-liter and 4.2-liter borrowed from Ford, a new high performance braking system being fitted with the new engine too.

JaguarSense system
JaguarSense system

Another important detail is that the versatile JaguarSense touch-sensitive glovebox compartment will be replaced with a conventional one as there were found few problems that affects the behaviour of the component. Quitting the usual release component and using the touch-sensitive sensor brings without discussion few problems that the British can’t overcome.

As any electric system, the innovative release button needs electricity to work and here appears the first problem as if the model remains without electricity you won’t be able to use the glovebox compartment anymore. There are some complaints that the door opens too slow which isn’t good in certain situations. Jaguar claimed that the actual system will be replaced with a new button.

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