April 17, 2024

McLaren F1 sold in Britain for a whopping sum

McLaren F1

McLaren is a British company that is all about the racing. With immense Formula 1 experience, they had a bit of a run at road cars.

These days they’re selling the MP4-12C supercar and working towards the P1, something high end for the history books and schoolboys to dream of.

McLaren F1
McLaren F1

Some 20 years ago however, they were making a special car that went beyond any limit we had ever thought existed in terms of performance.

It was called the McLaren F1 and it was so expensive that not even lottery winners could afford one. It was the amazing “million dollar” car.

Buying such a thing was an ultimate statement and it provided you with technology that was only found on Formula 1 racers. Not even today you can’t buy many cars built in a similar fashion.

McLaren F1
McLaren F1

Since McLaren didn’t make too many of them, their value has instantly appreciated and nowadays it’s impossible to find one for sale.

Every owner of such a thing held on tight to it and they’ve constantly had the cash to keep it in their driving days.

For whatever reason, a Brit that bought one of these cars decided to sell his. He is Tom Hartley Jr, a specialist in selling very high end cars and he got quite the whopping sum for it.

McLaren F1
McLaren F1

The buyer had to shell out no less than 3.5 million of her majesty’s pounds, which translates into some 5.6 million USD.

It sounds like he paid a lot for a car that’s 20 years old but I reckon we all agree that he got an amazing deal.

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