April 24, 2024

RC 350 trademark filed by Lexus

Lexus LF-LC Concept

Thank you to whoever the guy working at the patent office in Australia was that leaked this idea. It does make for some interesting stories and speculation.

It seems that Lexus have trademarked a new name for their company, this would be what RC 350 is. The new trademark is more interesting than usual since it opens up a new lineup to discussion.

Lexus LF-LC Concept
Lexus LF-LC Concept

Most of the hopes and ideas point towards the LF-LC concept being turned into a production vehicle, and there’s quite a lot of good thinking behind it.

The first such example of thinking is that the LF-LC really looks like it could be turned into a tempting production car.

The second would be the size of the engine. Given the 350 part of the name, we’re looking at the 3.5 liter V6 engine used throughout the Lexus range.

Lexus LF-LC Concept
Lexus LF-LC Concept

With that idea there’s a bit of a problem since there’s no hybrid component that would have been initially mentioned and no “h” is included in the name.

Even so, the RC bit means we’re dealing with a completely new car, and the C part guarantees that this is a coupe model.

Lexus don’t have many of those planned out and even though there is a lot of talk spinning around an eventual GS Coupe, that probably won’t stray in the branding.

Lexus LF-LC Concept
Lexus LF-LC Concept

Would Lexus be making an attempt to fascinate the small sports car market? Are they going after the new Jaguar F-Type?

Anything is possible, though I’d estimate the Mercedes SLK is the car they’re targeting.

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