April 13, 2024

McLaren MP4-12C goes into Project Alpha status

McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha

Of all the supercar makers out there McLaren is easily the nerdiest and most obsessive one of the bunch. With the announcing of the MP4-12C things went one up.

You’d think things couldn’t get any worse by now but they did. The British company is now doing something called Project Alpha to the car.

McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha
McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha

Well, not to all of them and it’s not offered as a perk with all new purchases either. Those who are really big on exclusivity get to find out what it really is.

Project Alpha is something that really speaks to folks who are big fans of limited edition cars. There’s a certain Special Operations catalog available at McLaren and that’s how these cars sprung up.

Speaking of which, we’re talking about six custom made (at the factory, of course) McLaren MP4-12C supercars headed for six very lucky owners from Chicago.

McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha
McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha

Apparently all those sitcoms don’t really showcase every rich guy living around the Windy City right. They’re not all gangsters, some are car lovers.

The custom cars are much like other stupid limited edition, nearly completely unsubstantiated. There’s some differently painted bits here, some added vents there and a bigger bill.

Sure, the McLaren MP4-12C units in question get the 2013 power upgrade but that’s something that comes as standard in a short while with the “regular cars” as well.

McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha
McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha

It does seem like not waiting for your supercar can end up costing a whole lot more than usual. Actually, that’s not the case.

You see, McLaren Special operations can do much more than that as they can make just about anything you want.

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