May 19, 2024

2013 Audi A3 Sportback e-Gas Project unveiled

So you like electric cars? Maybe are a fun of hybrids? How about those awesome hydrogen burning cars that seem to be in the pipeline? They’re all pretty good, interesting vehicles but there are somewhat more accessible options in terms of using alternative fuels. In theory, that’s the reasoning behind the creation of the 2013

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McLaren MP4-12C goes into Project Alpha status

Of all the supercar makers out there McLaren is easily the nerdiest and most obsessive one of the bunch. With the announcing of the MP4-12C things went one up. You’d think things couldn’t get any worse by now but they did. The British company is now doing something called Project Alpha to the car. Well,

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Land Rover

2010 Range Rover Q-VR Concept

This weekend at the 10th biennial Dubai International Motor Show, there has been a very special presentation of a new Range Rover concept car. The very special luxury concept is the work of Design Q, a British design company that specializes in all things for people who aren’t all men.

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Rumours of a full-size pickup from Hyundai

Hyundai is a Korean automaker that keeps surprising the American market with ever more products that fit the needs of the US. First there was the Genesis, then the Genesis Coupe and now there might be this pickup to deliver a massive blow in sales to America’s favorite form of transport.

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The Volkswagen Polo Sedan Project Detailed

Is not the first time when we talk about this future come Volkswagen Polo sedan, back then we didn’t have much about this project, but now new details came out to the surface and we will talk about them in the following. This new Volkswagen Polo Sedan is no doubt an intense developing project, being

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Lotus Toyota

Lotus and Toyota show the benefits of lightness

Lotus just released a concept where the Norfolk performance company use the Toyota Venza as a base and start a project where the goal was to trim the fat, ultimately reducing CO2 emissions. Officially, they are trying to show off a project called “viable mass reduction strategy” and the base car will be transformed into

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