April 19, 2024

Mitsubishi comes up with new render

Mitsubishi city car render

Mitsubishi has come pretty much out of the blue with this and they’re seriously up to the teasing business.

Mitsubishi city car render
Mitsubishi city car render

The press release at Mitsubishi hasn’t gotten a break either so let’s see what they’ve just come up with.

The Mitsubishi Motor Corporation plans to build a new plant in Thailand at a location called Laem Chabang Industrial Estate. The new Mitsubishi plant will be situated somewhere in the Chonburi province and is just 60 miles away from Bangkok.

The new plant the Japanese plan to build in Thailand isn’t the big news however. The big news lies within what Mitsubishi plans to build over there.

According to Mitsubishi’s press release the new Thai plant will be the birthplace of a new small city car.

To further sweeten the deal Mitsubishi have released some renders/sketches to tease us with what the little city runabout might look like.

On first impressions I find it hard to differentiate it from the sketches Kia released just days ago of their future version of the Picanto.

That is slightly worrying but given the fact that these are for the moment no more than drawings they might be pretty far away from what the actual production versions of this car may look like.

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  • Adi May 5, 2012

    So, there was nothing wrong with this guys’ reeviw because by the end of the reeviw he realizes these are two completely different cars meant for different things. The EVO is an econo box with enough computer and drive-train goodies to make anyone look like a star on the track. That’s just it, it’s a track toy some can put up with on the street. This goes for the STI too. Now, onto the R. Yes, it’s based off an econo box but, fit and finish on VW has always been a step above for its price point. With that aside, the R is not a track toy. This is a car you can live with everyday. It does everything you want a street car to do. It’s sporty and fun to drive, that’s a VW. If it’s not fast enough for you, and you want to defeat the ASR/ESC add some software, a driveable 300hp+ is possible. Remember, that’s the same engine found in the S3. It won’t punish you at the pump either like the EVO and STI. Once again, the R is not a track toy. If you wanna drive a rally car to work everyday, go for it. You wanna be comfy, that’s your choice too. I just commuted in a rain/thunder storm on a CBR last night.

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