June 19, 2024

Nearly 400.000 Honda units affected by ignition interlock malfunction

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) forced Honda to recall nearly 400.000, to be more precised, 383.000 units due to a malfunction of the ignition interlock system, a system that could go wrong and let the driver to pull out the key while the car is running.


The Honda models affected by this recall are Civic, Accord and Element, and this recall regards just the models told below sold on the U.S. market between 2003 and 2004. According to the official press release approximately 197,000 Accord, 117,000 Civic and 69,000 Element vehicles are involved in this recall.

The main problem of this ignition interlock mechanism malfunction is that if the vehicle’s transmission is not in Park and the parking brake is not set, you may find that the car is moving, of course, in the case wheb the car is parked on slope. According to the same press release issued by the Honda manufacturer, the notification to customers will start in late September, 2010.

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