April 24, 2024
BMW Concept Cars

New BMW Concept: BMW Sequence GT

I must say that I was really missing this kind of concepts namely that it is impossible to build in series in these days. Also, you may wonder what would be the perfect concept of BMW, well, I tell you that this may be done by a student born in the same country as BMW.

The design of this BMW Sequence GT Concept is Seungmo Lim who has graduated the Pforzheim University from Germany as I said. He decided to make this concept like this by being asked about the importance of the full electric cars and also what is the Efficient Dynamics system. Yes, this BMW Sequence GT Concept is a full electric car.

Also, this BMW Sequence GT Concept features wheel mounted engines which is also the reason of why does this car look like that in the front side which may be a very efficient feature in the future.

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